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When you order with Burbank Jumpers, you can order with confidence!  We understand that we are just one piece of the puzzle that makes up your party.  This is your day!  Whether it's your child's birthday or you are just looking to add excitement to your barbecue bash, we strive to deliver clean, quality bounce-houses and fanatical service.  Burbank Jumpers was founded as a family company and it remains family-owned today.  That is why our jumpers are Made In America and are BPA-free!  We clean the jumpers in between uses and during setup to ensure your satisfaction. We'd be honored to have you choose us for your celebration and look forward to doing our small part.  Let's Jump!

Burbank Jumper and Party Rentals
Burbank, CA 
Open 7 days/week (9-6)

burbankjumpers@yahoo.com ​


We're your Local party supply company.  Our price includes FREE delivery, pick-up and set-up within our delivery area

(Burbank and surrounding areas.) from 9 am to 6 pm.  No hidden charges! 818-288-6477