FAQ & Terms of Agreement 

Do you service parks?

We DO NOT service parks.  We service residences. In most instances we can arrange delivery to churches, schools and some businesses.  

How far in advance do I need to book my order?

To ensure reserving the items you desire, we recommend booking as early as possible.  

48-72 hours or more is typical, however we will make every effort to accommodate bookings 

made closer to your event.  Same day bookings may not always be achievable. 

Can I make changes or additions to my order?

Yes but changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to your delivery time to be certain we accommodate the request. 

How do you accept payment? Do you require a deposit?

​A credit card is required to hold for incidentals.  Payment is due on delivery.  We accept cash or physical credit card.  In some instances checks can be accepted but must be pre arranged and acknowledged. Checks that bounce or are not accepted for insufficient funds will incur a $25.00 fee in addition to the amount owed.

Why should I choose Burbank Jumper and Party Rentals for my special events?
It's personal!  We are a locally owned family business serving the Burbank community.  We pride 
ourselves in making your event a success with our prompt and friendly customer 
service!  You will tell the other companies to bounce once you try our service.  (Bad Dad joke)

Do you have a minimum order amount?

No.  Table and chair orders without a jumper require a $30 delivery fee but we are one of few companies with no minimum.   

Do you offer pick up at your warehouse?

No.  We do not offer pick up for any item(s.)  We are delivery only. 

Do you charge a delivery fee?

​There is no delivery charge in Burbank.  Certain surrounding locations may require a delivery charge.  You will be notified of this in your confirmation email prior to your event.  

Should I tip my delivery person?
Your choice!  Just like a waiter, valet or bellhop your delivery person works for a wage plus tips.  
Our drivers will always provide you with professional courteous service.  A tip is appreciated

but never mandatory.  We will always maintain the highest level of customer service. 

How are the Inflatable's sanitized?

 We pride ourselves on delivering clean, disinfected and attractive units for your enjoyment.  

We will clean the unit upon delivery and make certain you are satisfied.  We mean clean!

Can you set up on any surface?
Our units can be set up on grass, dirt or concrete. Please note the area must be free of 
rocks, sticks and other sharp objects. Please let us know what surface you will have the 
unit set up on when booking, this way we can have the proper anchors available.

Do you offer overnight rentals?
In some instances, we can also rent units overnight.  However, if we feel that the unit will 
not be safe in the late evening or over night, we reserve the right to deny such rentals.  Overnight rentals will incur an additional fee, require additional waivers and secure back yard placement. 

What kind of power is required?
Our bounce houses have blowers that we plug into a standard 110 household outlet.  This requires (8 amps.)  We will supply the cord, and we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing.  Tropical 5 in 1 and the Pink Castle Combo require two circuits. (18 amps.)

How long does it take to set up an inflatable & take it down?
It takes our delivery personnel approximately 15-20 minutes to set up the unit and go over 
the safety rules and answer any questions and approximately 20-30 minutes for take down. 

Are jumpers safe? 

It might seem like there a lot of rules but the fact is inflatable jumpers are extremely safe and issues are very rare.  We take safety seriously and by implementing some best practices and guidelines we can all put the safety of your child and guests first.  Your children can watch this short safety video to help ensure that everyone has a great time without any boo-boos.


If you have any questions just give us a call.  

What is your Bad Weather policy?
We always reserve the right to cancel a reservation (at no penalty to you) if there are heavy 
rains or high winds (over 25 mph).  If it begins raining we request that you safely remove all jumpers and turn off the unit as instructed on delivery.  Our technicians will need to pick up the unit.  Safe operation of our units and customer safety is our utmost concern. If you are uncomfortable with the weather on your scheduled day, you can 
cancel at no cost anytime prior to your delivery. However, once the unit is delivered there will be No Refunds.

How long is the rental 
Our Jumpers rent by the day with a two hour window for arrival.  Typical delivery times are between 8 a.m. and 12 noon and pick ups range from 5-9 p.m.  We will address your desired times and make every effort to accommodate what works best for you. 

Does there have to be adult supervision present?
Yes. The safety of the children depends on you.  A Parent MUST be present when anyone is 
in the Jumper to ensure its safe operation. Parental Supervision is a must to help kids and 
individuals get in and out of the unit safely.

What if there is a problem during my party?
We do our best to ensure that the set up of the jumper is done correctly but we do know 
that problems can happen. We will make every effort to be available to solve the problem on hand 
or by phone.

Do you deliver on Holidays?
Yes we do! Please reserve your unit at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure availability.  
Major Holidays may require delivery and or pick up the day before or after the Holiday.

What are my responsibilitIes as the lessee?
Our contract requires that an adult be home to accept and sign for the delivery. We 
will review the features of the bounce house (or other items) with this individual, as well as our safety regulations.  An adult MUST accompany the bounce house anytime the bounce is inflated. 
This person is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the 
equipment by making sure that ALL safety rules and regulations are followed.
Remember, PARENTAL SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES!  Ample power will need to be made available for any jumper or concession rented.  Please note that your technician can not enter your home.  Items such as tables, chairs and concessions will be delivered to your front, side or back yard.

What steps do I need to take to prepare for my delivery?

​Great question!  Follow this link which will also be emailed to you when you order. 

Click Here


I still have questions!

Call us or send us an email.  818-288-6477 burbankjumpers@yahoo.com 

Please allow 24 business hours for reply or confirmation.  It is the customers duty to clear all driveways and pathways prior to the jumper being delivered and removed from the premises.  All deliveries require clearance for dolly access at least 4 feet wide and 7 feet high.
Jumpers require access to standard 110 circuits (8 amps.)  *Tropical 5 in 1 Combo will require two separate outlets (17 amps.) 
Stairs may prohibit delivery.  Required waivers must be signed by an adult during delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Booking process is not completed until you receive your confirmation.
*"We Reserve the Right to Refuse Delivery and or Service to Anyone"* 

​​​​​​​​​​​Burbank Jumpers