Have additional questions?  Review our FAQ and terms here: 

https://www.burbankjumpers.com/faq---terms.html or by clicking on the about us tab above.  

You can also call us between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. at (818) 288-6477 or email: burbankjumpers@yahoo.com 

*  MEASURE - Up, down and all around!

Measure the space for your bounce house or water slide and be certain you have at least two feet on each side from the ground up.  Be certain to account for the spacing as high as the unit is.  Stairs, Power lines, tress, narrow gates and gas meters are the most common reasons that a jumper will not fit in a desired space or yard.   4 feet of clearance is required for most units.  Some oversized units do require wider pathways.  


Please have a safe and clean location for your technician to plug into.  Test the outlet before the day of the event.  We can supply a total of 70 feet of cord.  Anything beyond this will require the renter to supply an extension cord that includes a three prong ground.   


If someone over the age of eighteen is not available to sign the waivers and terms during set up, the technician will not be able to deliver. The driver will wait a maximum of ten minutes before leaving and will not be able to return within your scheduled time.  


Review the details of your email and make certain the address , date and times are correct.  Once verified, respond to the email to confirm that all details are accurate.  If any changes need to be made please respond with those changes. 


Please do not prepare any portion of your order to be delivered into or through your home.  Your technician can leave tables and chairs by your door but is not permitted to enter your home.  If you are plugging the extension cord into your house we can bring the cord to the point of entry. 

Please review the following guidelines on preparing for your order. 


Your delivery professional will set up bounce houses, slides, canopies and any concessions but it is the renters duty to set up and break down tables and chairs.  Tables and chairs are delivered curb side or at the drivers discretion, as far as they can be taken on the dolly.  Please move all vehicles and anything in the way from the street to your desired location. 


Stairs and a pipe that impede the pathway. 

- Stairs, power lines, tress, narrow gates and gas meters are the most common reasons that a jumper will not fit in a desired space or yard.   Use these tips below to avoid having a party go anything but perfect.  

​​​​​​​​​​​Burbank Jumpers


* Measure my space

​* Make sure no stairs are in the way

* Place order and Review email

* Clear pathway and trim trees. 

* Be home during my window.  (2 hours)

* Have the power source ready.  

​* Have fun


​Steps or stairs can prohibit delivery!  Make certain to disclose if you have any steps or stairs to your sales rep when you place your order, prior to your event date.  We may be able to fill your order but it is important that we know in advance.  Please do not assume that we will "make it happen" or find a way, even if you are willing to help with the load.  There are several reasons that stairs are an important factor. 


Move any vehicles that are in the driveway or blocking access from the street to the desired set up location.  Move any toys, bikes, equipment or items that would prohibit an oversized dolly from wheeling flat on the ground from the street to the desired location.   Trim any tree branches that would interfere with the unit as high as 16 feet PRIOR TO YOUR DELIVERY WINDOW.  

* Some units can reach heights as high as 20 feet.